Patient Information

First Visit

We look forward to meeting our new patients and will be providing detailed information to help you make choices concerning orthodontic care. Photographs and a panorex x-ray are taken and then Dr. Youngblade will then examine the patient. After the exam he will take a few minutes and review his findings and make recommendations. The recommendation may be to wait for any treatment and place the patient in observation until they are ready for treatment or to proceed toward treatment. If the patient is ready to proceed toward treatment the next step will be to get diagnostic records. We allow enough time to answer all your questions in a relaxed setting.

Diagnostic Records

Diagnostic records are taken during a dedicated appointment and allows us to gather all information needed to formulate a individualized treatment plan for each patient. The records usually entail taking additional photographs or x-rays needed, diagnostic models of the teeth and a bite registration. The appointment normally takes less than an hour.

Scheduling/Rescheduling Appointments

Our front desk staff will be happy to work with you on all scheduling concerns. We work diligently to create a schedule that can run on time. Accordingly we schedule certain types of appointments at specific times during the day. Additionally, due to the large number of patients in school it will not be possible to schedule all appointments in the afternoon. We strive to be as fair as possible when scheduling all appointments.

We know there will be times when you may have a conflict with a scheduled appointment. It is helpful for us to know as soon as you do so a new arrangement can be made with minimal inconvenience to you and/or the patient. When an appointment is forgotten or missed for other reasons we will make a call to try and reschedule the appointment. Excessive broken or missed appointments can lengthen treatment.


Our team has extensive experience working with insurance plans and can answer any questions you may have concerning orthodontic coverage and procedures needed with your policy.


Our office has several different options available to help you make the investment in a healthy smile as easy as possible and can be explained at the first visit including:
1. Payment in full with a bookkeeping discount.
2. Office payment plan with no interest.
3.Third party financing through several different plans designed for orthodontic treatment.
4. Automatic bank draft with no down payment.
5. Family care plan that has benefits for all family members when one member becomes a patient.

General Dental Emergencies

For general dental emergencies please contact your general dentist.

Orthodontic Emergencies

If you have an orthodontic problem please call the office for advice on how to best resolve the problem. When the office is closed there is an emergency number that can be attained on the answering machine’s recording. Below are listed some orthodontic emergencies that may occur.

Loose bracket: If the bracket is loose but not hurting call the office during business hours to let us know so we can schedule to replace the bracket. If the bracket is irritating the lip or cheek rotate it so it is less protruding. If this is unsuccessful place relief wax over the area to lessen the irritation. Call the office emergency number after hours if needed so we can make things comfortable.
Loose band: If the band is loose, leave it on the tooth and call the office to make an appointment. If the band has come off the tooth bring the band with you to the appointment.
Poking archwire: If the archwire is poking in the back of the mouth attempt to place wax over the area to lessen irritation and call the office to schedule a time to have the wire clipped. If the wax will not stay in place try to place folded tissue or gauze over the area to lessen irritation. If it is not possible to get to the office you can attempt to carefully clip the irritating wire with an instrument such as fingernail clippers. Use folded tissue or gauze around the area to catch the piece being clipped so it will lessen the chance of swallowing the piece or eye injury.
Poking ligature wire: If a ligature has moved and is poking use a Q-tip or pencil eraser to push the offending wire in enough to stop the irritation. If you are unsuccessful cover the area with relief wax and inform the office of the problem so we can schedule a time to correct the problem.
Lip or cheek irritation: If the lips or cheeks become irritated place relief wax over the brackets in the area of irritation. It may help to try and dry the area first so the wax can stick. If the wax is swallowed it is not a problem as its harmless.
Tooth soreness, discomfort: It is normal to feel discomfort with new braces and/or after wire adjustments. Eating soft foods can be helpful. Over the counter pain medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen may be helpful. If the pain is not relieved or you feel it is excessive please call the office to notify us as soon as possible.
Lost rubber ties: Lost rubber ties are not an emergency since we use self ligating braces and the wire will not fall out. Please feel free to notify the office.
Elastic chain comes off the bracket: When a chain slips off of the brackets this is usually not a big problem. Please notify the office when this occurs as a space can open between the teeth.
If an attachment for an appliance is loose on the tooth please call the office as soon as possible to schedule a time for us to see the patient.

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